Oh dear, Oh dear, Oh dear………… what is happening to our food industry? The issue regarding ‘other’ meat in some processed meat products is less about what is in these, manufactured, products but more what do WE know is IN the products and  then we can make a more informed decision about buying them. Do we know where the meat has come from, how the animals have been reared/dispatched, how the meat has been transported etc etc etc.  We don’t know what is in them-do we care-yes, of course. One answer is to cook more from scratch and to buy eg our meat from reputable sources and to cook it ourselves……..that is the top and bottom of it.

I could bang on about the importance of buying local , cutting food miles, etc and there are sound economic reasons -local grown vegetables are much cheaper to buy that from a supermarket and are not wrapped in plastic etc-meat is different.  Good quality meat is expensive to buy-there is no getting around this. One answer (and this is supported by the healthy eating lobby) is to eat less meat-not on a daily basis as we have become accustomed to. When we do buy meat we can buy the cheaper cuts instead of the more expensive (which can be used on high days and holidays) ones and, yes we are coming round the full circle and back to cooking our own food.  The problem is that many of these skills have been lost……………………………………

Quality meat is generally available from good Butchers and also small producers who rear their own animals for meat production and sell their meat at Farmers Markets or directly from the farm.

Mainsgill farm shop


This is an award winning Farm shop and Tea Room. Yes , I know it is not actually in Cumbria but lying only 6 km from Scotch corner, heading west on the A66 it is a must for passing travellers heading to and from Cumbria. There is a lovely tearoom (with delicious homemade cakes and scones etc.), gift shop, food shop (with lots of nice foodie gifts), and play areas for children and even a camel called Kevin..

The impressive butchery area has a wide range of meat and, most importantly, all the beef, pork and lamb are reared on the farm. So you know exactly what you are purchasing and can be assured of high quality and traceable meat.  Their attention to the highest quality of meat production has brought them national awards and they were finalists in the 2012 Farmers Weekly Awards.

I loved that children (and adults) can go onto the farm and see the livestock and really learn about where our food comes from and how important it is to do this well.

And Kevin?…………………..well, he looked surprisingly at home and content looking out over the beautiful countryside and enjoying the attention he was getting from all the visitors.

Put the brakes on when you are passing and enjoy a break here.


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