Christmas Rocky Road
Christmas Rocky Road

Here is a Christmas treat, easy for children to make (with supervision) and a lovely present for them to give (if you can wrest it out of their hands). Best to make two lots I think. Don’t deviate from the recipe-it has to be Rich Tea biscuits and mini marshmallows, good butter and good chocolate…simple and delicious for everybody.



Use a brownie type tin approx.23cm square, 5cm deep. (9 inch square 2 inch deep).  Line the base and grease the sides.

Make ahead and allow time for it to get cold

3 tbsp. golden syrup

125g soft unsalted butter

200g dark chocolate

200g milk chocolate

200g Rich Tea biscuits

100g mini marshmallows (mini are best but you can chop up the larger ones if you can’t get hold of them)

To decorate:

Icing sugar for snow

Edible glitter


  1. Melt the butter & syrup in a heavy based pan.
  2. Break up the 2 sorts of chocolate into small pieces, resist eating too many pieces!
  3. Add the chocolate to the pan and gently heat until the chocolate has melted. Try not to stir it too much.
  4. Leave to cool down
  5. Crush the biscuits in a plastic bag-using a rolling pin makes this easier. Aim to get small and big pieces.  Mix with the marshmallows and then pour over ½ of the butter/syrup.
  6. Turn out in to a brownie type tin and smooth out as best you can. Spread over the remaining butter? syrup.
  7. Leave to cool until set (about 2 hours). Take out the set block and cut up with a heavy, sharp knife.
  8. Sieve some icing sugar over the top to look like snow and sprinkle with glitter.


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