This simple pink & creamy rhubarb fool is made with the first picking of the most tender and pink rhubarb. These beautiful stems are a fleeting delight and are just starting to appear around now in my vegetable garden. Later in the season the stems will be tougher & not so pinky (although still delicious to eat) so you only have a short window of opportunity to pick it. Remember to pull the stems away from the plant (gently) rather than cutting them off. Take care also when cooking it as it needs a gentle touch or you will end up with a mush and you will lose the lovely pink colour- you have been warned. I have used Greek yoghurt for a  lighter version of the pudding but you can use whipped double cream if you prefer.

Serve with some little homemade shortbread biscuits.  Search for my recipe for Lavender shortbread thins and instead of the lavender substitute a small amount of finely ground, edible rose petals to make the prettiest biscuits to serve with this pretty dessert -is that pretty enough for you?

Serves 4

700g  young, pink, rhubarb stems, trimmed

4 tablespoons of unrefined caster sugar (you may prefer to add more)

1 x 300ml tub of Greek yoghurt 


  1. Rinse and then cut the stems fruit into small chunks. Put in a large pan with a lid and sprinkle with the sugar.  It is better to have a large pan rather than pile up the rhubarb in a small pan and have to keep stirring it. Add a couple of tablespoons of water –no more. Heat gently for a few minutes with the lid on and then take off the heat and leave for 10minutes without removing the lid.  Avoid stirring it and breaking up the chunks. It should retain the lovely pink colour, if you overcook it and stir it you could end up with mush and it will have lost its colour!
  2. Gently stir the Greek yoghurt adding a little milk if it is too stiff. Pile some of the yoghurt into small glasses, top with rhubarb, then add more yoghurt and gently swirl the two together. Finish off with a spoonful of rhubarb on the top. I like the slight tartness of the rhubarb but you could sprinkle in extra sugar as you go along.  (Try Demerara sugar which will add another flavour to the mix & some crunch)
  3. When you have removed all the rhubarb from the pan boil down the remaining juice and sugar mix until it is slightly syrupy. Let it cool and then spoon over the top of the pudding.

Serve at room temperature with the little biscuits