White Nectarines baked with Masala & vanilla


This is a pretty and stylish summer dessert that takes little time to prepare. It is best made the day before and left in the fridge overnight to allow the flavours to develop.  The sweet Marsala wine gives it a rich, fruity flavour & the vanilla brings out the flavour of the fruit. If you can’t get hold of the white nectarines then just use the ordinary ones. You could also use peaches. 

I dream of picking a warm nectarine or peach from my own tree but in the meantime (+ in the unlikely event of me moving to a warmer climate( I have to be content with supermarket or greengrocer ones. Bought stone fruit is often lacking in flavour or a bit under-ripe but the baking (or poaching) helps with this.

I like to serve these with crème fraiche, but you could use lightly whipped double cream.



My little plot is bursting at the seams and we have been enjoying freshly dug ‘Pink Fir Apple ‘ potatoes, courgettes, tiny peas, gorgeously beautiful Swiss chard, spinach, tiny broad beans and more. My favourite herbs; dill, coriander and mint are all set for plot domination and ready to be picked by the handful. Fresh dill for salmon, cheesey dips and for a fresh ‘pickle’ with cucumber; fresh coriander to liven up a chicken and mango curry and fresh mint for some delicious chickpea falafels -(take a look at my recipe for this) and to add to elderflower fizz or gin and tonic at the end of the day. How lovely to see what fruit and vegetables are ready and then think of ways to use them rather than starting with a recipe and going to buy the ingredients. It is a much more creative process dictated by the seasons and the prepared dishes are all the better for it. I know I’m lucky to have a vegetable garden but even some spicy salad leaves grown in a pot taste so much better than any bought ones and they are much cheaper!

Today I spied these wonderful, glistening redcurrants and I knew it was time to make…..Summer Pudding. Aptly named as it is made with lots of summer fruits that are at their best now.

Beautiful berries from my garden
Beautiful berries from my garden

This pudding is the quintessential taste of summer and all the more special for being made just once a year. Serve it in small slices, as the flavour is quite strong and lots of double cream. Don’t be tempted to go for a healthier option such as Crème Fraiche-this pudding needs cream and after all it is a once a year treat!

My gorgeous summer pudding

You can make one large pudding with this recipe or approx. 6 small ones. The small ones look lovely but are a bit of a fiddle to make.

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