As I speak it’s getting quite difficult to find flour in the shops anywhere! It’s good news that people are now turning to baking/cooking for the first time or have been meaning to do more but they never had the time. Now we are all isolated we have the time and I hope you have the inclination to give this lemon Swiss roll a go. 

I’ve searched my recipes for a cake that used the least amount of flour which, I’m hoping that you may still have in the cupboard from before ‘the situation’.  This fat-free sponge uses only 75g. Homemade lemon curd is just delicious and easy to make as long as you have a little patience to stir, stir and stir. A gentle touch is needed or you will end up with scrambled eggs. Of course,  I strongly advise you to have a go at making the lemon as it so, so, so delicious but If you don’t want to make the lemon curd then I’m certain that a jar of it could be an ‘essential’ ingredient on your next shopping outing. You can, of course, fill the roll with any other jam such as strawberry or raspberry.

I’m getting hysterically over-excited about my next supermarket trip out, it’s so lovely to be out of the house and even calls for lipstick and a bit of dressing up for the occasion. I’ve even turned to giddy chatting with anyone in the queues (at the required distance of course) just because I can, at last!

Start with the lemon curd

Gorgeously citrusy lemon curd